cubase 7 full install 7.02 + update7.07 ?

here is complete installation 7.02 and above it in the page is 7.07 update.

i should install complete installation only? or then install 7.07 update (as the higher numbers seem to indicate)?

As mentioned in your link, the 7.0.7 is an update for an existing CB 7 Artist installation. So install the full 7.0.2 first then install the upgrade to 7.0.7.

When installing the full 7.0.2 you may get a prompt asking if you want to install the latest update (that’s how the newer installers for CB 8 and above works). If is does ask, then just choose yes and you will get the 7.0.7 version all at once. If not, then just install the update after installing the full version.

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