Cubase 7 Graphics Issues!!!!! Please help!!!

Ever since loading C7 on my machine I’ve run into problems. First one was a shut down problem where Cubase hung around and did not close. After reinstalling WIndows 7 and C7 that was fixed. Now it’s a graphics issue. I’ve updated the latest drivers and still nothing works. The issue is that although cubse is running and the music is playing the GUI freezes. Meters/Scrolling etc… all paused. I found out that if I left click and hold, everything works(i.e meters running fine, scolling happens as well. As soon as I let go it will freezes back again. The music is not affected at all. I can open and close windows within cubase, bring up pluggins etc… Another thing that happens is when I go to log out or save, the sub menu comes up and even though I click save/no save nothing happens. I have to click save or no save then click the X to complete the command. Even when I went into the audio device manager to check if it was a ASIO driver issue and it asked me if I wanted to switch drivers, I had the same problem. Clicked switch ASIO driver, Nothing happens graphically, Clicked switch then X process complete. I’m seriously considering going back to 6.5. I’ve been having way to many issues. Any tips/help would be appreciated.

W7-64 ultimate
Quad 2.4 8GB Ram
RME Fireface 800

Have you checked mouse drivers? Since it has a mouse activity component?

Yes I have. My mouse is not causing anything. Any other suggestions?

Not really, maybe a Windows user will chime in.

So I booted Cubase in Safe Mode. It worked! I closed Cubase, it wouldn’t shut down all the way so I tried to force close. It wouldn’t. Rebooted, started in Safe Mode, told it to delete my old profile. Started up session. It worked closed out, it worked, opened up another session, great! Started mixing a session, worked fine. Closed Cubase to take a break. Came back, opened up the same project, same strange behavior. Plus I noticed the Hub that shows after startup wouldn’t show any templates. Not connecting to the internet(Even though I was online). :imp:

Doesn’t that sound like a problem with your Windows install?

Not at all. Wavelab, Sony Vegas and every other program works perfectly except for Cubase. I think I’m gonna go back to 6.5 to see if it’s just a 7 glitch. I also noticed that anytime I resize a window, pull up a menu item within Cubase, or simply hide and unhide the transport panel it causes the same reaction. Once I reboot Cubase it’s fine until I make one of the above moves. I think it may be a graphics card compatibility issue. I still can’t figure it out though.

I see you are using a Quadro K600 video card. These cards are only needed when you need a 24-bit output to a professional (and thus expensive) 24-bit monitor working in something like a CAD environment. In other words -it’s not a card that is very commonly used.

We all know Cubase 7 has some odd graphical problems. I think it could be that the graphic card is adding to that problems. That should not happen, but I can imagine SB can not test every piece of hardware available.

I use a simple Asus 8400GS Silent, and while I have the (well known) re-size glitches (that are solved for me by using a little work-around) I never encountered the problems you describe. I guess you do not have something like a simple (nvidea) video card laying around, but if you have one (or can borrow one from a friend), it is worth trying out if that makes a difference. As a side-question - are you sure you have installed the graphical driver for the Quadro card and not the generic all-ground Nvidia driver for game cards? This made a difference in the past when I was using them, and I can imagine that is still the case.

Anyway - it seems to me it is a unfortunate combination of Cubase 7 and your graphical hardware. If the problem persists you could contact SB, or post the problem in the “Collected Issues” part of the forum.

Today I rolled back the driver a few steps on my Graphics card and it seems to be working again. I’ve been working solidly for about 45 mins or so. So the new Nvidia Quadro Drivers were making C7 unstable. I recommend anyone having this problem to rollback a few drivers till you find one that works. I just went back to “311.15”(Random but others may work as well) The new driver “320.0” was the culprit.

Whew… Back to creating for now.

Be careful, man. NVidia’s quadro drivers are quite a bear to wrestle, even for their intended animation and rendering applications. Always keep a backup of your old driver, since it’s probably the only one that will consistently work.

I’m having similar problems with my C7 install… As soon as i run Cubase 7 all graphics that are not Cubase stops working so i can’t reach the desktop or any other program. Just a total lock-down.

Totally unusable so i haven’t had a chance to try Cubase 7 at all so far.

Graphics work absolutely fine in Cubase 6.53 and all other programs i’ve used.

I have an Nvidia Geforce GTX 460 which is a pretty standard card but maybe Steinberg just don’t test Nvidia cards or something.