Cubase 7 HALion 5 discrete MIDI channels... arg!

I want to use HALion 5 more extensively, but I am have a devil of a time making Cubase with HALion 5 as a VST instrument distinguish between key info transmitted on different MIDI channels.

It seems I should be able to do this to the limits of how many MIDI tracks I can assign in HALion (A - D x 16). I know my keyboard is broadcasting on MIDI channel 2, but Cubase makes HALion respond to MIDI channel 1 only.

The image shows 2 instances of HALion 5, the 1st set to respond to MIDI channel 1 and the 2nd instance set to respond to MIDI channel 2 only.

The result is: HALion only responds to MIDI channel 1… period. And acts as if everything is being sent to Cubase as MIDI channel 1… and on to HALion as MIDI channel 1.
I know HALion 5 works fine with discrete MIDI channel assignments as a standalone app.

Mucho Apprecianado…
HALion Cubase MIDI Channels.png