Cubase 7 / HalionOne / Default Presets Online?

Hello Cubase Community –

I was wondering if anyone knows where I can download the default HalionOne presets? I have some older projects to load, but I can’t recall where my install disc(s) might be; I believe these were installed as part of C5 or C6?

HalionOne is installed properly and this isn’t a case where C7 can’t find them. I recall removing the presets awhile back for space a few upgrades ago.

Thanks in advance,



Unfortunately, FTP doesn’t appear to host the presets as a standalone package.

And as I mentioned in my original post, I’m unable to locate the original disc.

Any thoughts?

Of course it doesn’t have the standalone presets, you have to re-install to get them. You were directed to the location of said installer. :bulb:

Ahhh gotcha, okay so the missing ingredient in your recommendation is that the FTP packages all require the “Original Disk” to be inserted to proceed with the installer.

Sorry I wasn’t crystal clear in the OP.

Contact support and ask for a new disk.

Yes, thanks.