Cubase 7 has 2 different licenses

I am provided 2 different activation codes, neither of which work when trying to open Cubase. I went through the normal process of registering my SeL and was provided a specific download code via email. That code did not work and a second code is shown in My Steinberg which also does not work. Cubase says that each code has already been used. These are brand new codes that I have never used before. I have opened a case with support but that is going to take forever. Any ideas?


What Cubase 7 exactly do you own, please?

The license is generically referred to as Cubase Elements 7 without a version number. I installed Cubase 7 64 bit using the core installer which appears to be 7.0.0.

Do you think I have incompatible versions of license and software?

Seems that you led me to the right conclusion…let me see what I get…

You realize that Cubase and Cubase Elements are not the same thing, yeah?


The whole version is displayed in the About Cubase screen, or (even better) in the eLicenser Control Center application.