"Cubase 7 has stopped working" error message

Hi everyone, I’ve recently bought Cubase 7 and I’m already having problems getting it working!
When starting up, it shows the splash screen, but when it gets to “Initialisng VST audio system” it crashes and displays the error message “Cubase 7 has stopped working”. I’ve also got Reason 6.5 installed, so I don’t know if theres some kind of compatibility issue with the VST plugins (even though there shouldn’t be surely?!).
I’m running Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit, 12GB RAM. I’ve also attached a print screen of the error message.

Any help would be great!

Try removing your preference files from the Cubase Application Data folder, which is accessible from the Start Menu.

Have you upgraded from 6.5? Are you running C7 in 64bit?

You could try removing all the non Steinberg vsti’s from the plugin folders and see if that gets Cubase up and running. If it does close Cubase down and add a couple of plugins then re-boot until you hit a problem.

I have found that C7 does not like 32bit and 64bit dlls running together with so me plugins. I run Cubase in 64bit and have deleted all my 32 plugins that I use in 64 bit.

Some 32bit plugins do not like the Cubase bit bridge - for instance “Variety of Sounds” Density for which I use JBridge. Which is very easy to use.