Cubase 7 has stopped working !


Just upgraded from Cubase 6.5 to Cubase 7, when I try to load old cubase 6.5 projects I get the error - " Cubase 7 has stopped working ! " and then cubase crashes, any ideas on how to fix this issue?

Any help would be appreciated


have you checked for unsupported VST’s? Anything prior to v2.4 I believe, I had Hypersonic installed and that was why my C7 would not load at first.


Can you provide more information, please? What about your computer, system…? What plug-ins do you use? Are you using 32/64-bit Cubase? Are you using same 32/64-bit version ofr Cubase 6.5 and Cubase 7 too? Any more significant information?

My PC is an Intel Quad core 2.66ghz running 4GB of RAM
I’m running Windows 7 Home Premium, an internal audiophile 192 soundcard and using novation sl mk2 controller with automap software 3.5
I’m using the exact same setup as I had with Cubase, 5, 6, 6.5 which all ran without any issues

I’ve tried using cubase 6.5 again and even that is starting to crash too

I’ve also downloaded cubase 7 update 7.01 which didnt make any difference

Im using 32bit versions of cubase

Home Premium is 64 bit correct? If so 1st thing is to use CB 7 64 bit. Then as stated above check for unsupported VST’S