Cubase 7 - I'm one furious person

I have used Cubase since version 4

I use it on a mac.

I also use Logic and Protools. I prefer Cubase and always have, its has never been as stable as Logic or PT and has always crashed from time to time…BUT…in terms of mixing and workflow, Cubase in my opinion is the best. The plugins and its audio engine…to me…were better. I cannot explain why, but I prefer to way Cubase handles audio. I also prefer the way it handles rewire. Using logic and pt is nice, but whenever it came to Cubase projects it was like putting on a lovely pair of new socks.

so you get the picture. I use Cubase. up until Cubase 6.5. Which I thought was perfect. Again, I wont lie, it did occasionally crash on me. But I could do bigger and more complex mixes, and ultimately more creative and better sounding mixes in Cubase 6.5 than ever

so imagine my excitement at Cubase 7…

Well…I’m so disappointed I could almost cry.

i’m using a macbook pro 2008 and Cubase doesn’t work. I paid for for the upgrade in January and have not managed to make a single song in Cubase 7 since. It glitches. it stutters. It pops. It shuts down. It wont do anything.

but not only that…WHY…and I seriously mean WHY did you change the mixer!!! there was nothing wrong with the other one, it was fine? the new mixer is very ugly and full of bugs (I have to click, and then click again and again to bring up the inserts / eq etc).

I just dont like it.

I want to cry.

I really do.

sorry for the rant

: (

I understand this is all your opinion and I’m in no way saying you’re wrong. However, up until very recently, I was running Cubase 6, 6.5 & 7 on a Macbook Pro 2008 without any issues whatsoever. I mean, the CPU would overload when I pushed it hard, but that’s expected with any DAW on any computer.

I, too, use Logic and Pro Tools, and I personally find Cubase to be the most solid of the three. I know there are others on this forum who have a stable system running Cubase 6 thru 7 on Macs as well.

So, my point is, before blaming the software, look around on your computer and see if there are any 3rd party plugins or conflicting software you have which might be causing Cubase to run poorly. Prior to using Cubase, I was a Logic guy for a long time, and I used to blame Logic for a lot of crashes and freezes, but after some research and speaking to people, I figured out it was 3rd party plugins that were causing my issues. So maybe read around and try to figure out what’s causing Cubase to run poorly for you.

I hope this helps. :smiley:

The clicky thing is definitely not ideal - but I’m a Cubase 7 user here and there are certain parts of the new mixer that have improved my workflow. The old mixer had tim eto settle in but it definitely needed improving. Theres a way to go alright but the software is very useable as is.

I’m running older MacBook as well and there WAS an issue with CPU hangs but it was fixed in 7.05. If you are using any 7.x version other than 7.5 then yes you will have CPU spikes. Hope that helps.

As for the mixer, can’t help you there. sorry :frowning:

One other tip. In Device Setup, turn off ASIO Guard and see if that improves the situation.

I’m in the same boat.

I can say nothing but “you (we) don’t HAVE to use a version that is not currently working. you have one that does”.

Yes, you (read : WE) have bought it with your hard earned money, but no one forced you to. Cubase 6.5.4 is still capable and will be for the foreseeable future.

I used to blame Logic for a lot of crashes and freezes, but after some research and speaking to people, I figured out it was 3rd party plugins that were causing my issues

That could have been a good argument if it wasn’t for one simple fact : on the same computer, with the same VST folder - the two version function differently. it shouldn’t be like that. end of story.

Regarding the mixer… well, I plain don’t like it. I know that Steinberg needs to move on but it is WAY too big - even on my 24" (after seeing the Nuage video, I can perfectly understand why) - and simply feels “wrong”. and as a consequence, the (much needed) mixer zooming (hava you EVER seen a zoomable mixer, hardware or software ?? I haven’t) is such a headache… after many many hours with C7, going back to C6 felt like “wha… at last, HOME !”. of course, that is MY opinion.
(I also think there are way too many colors/objects going on in the mixer - to the extent that I feel nausea/anxiety looking at it. yes. someone over at Steinberg should have done a little research what that amount of objects does to our brain. and I’m dead serious. one simply CANNOT focus when so much visual activity is happening within such a small space !..).

Regarding the CPU : after countless times of spiking , deleting the preferences, testing, dealing with spiking, trying to figure out what to do - again and again … I ditched C7. I will - of course - install and test 7.06, but IMO… this version is still not baked for CREATIVE purposes. maybe for mixing. and the interface need overhaul so that we won’t feel that we are flowing AGAINST it, but WITH it.

Huh? :confused: Apparently, you didn’t read my post completely.

I was giving an example of how I used to tell myself Logic was unstable and blamed it for a lot of my problems when it was my primary DAW, not comparing its performance to Cubase when using the same plugins. And, by the way, Logic doesn’t use VSTs, so they don’t share the same folder.

I was NOT talking about Logic VS Cubase.

I was focusing on the “Blame the plugins”.

If on the same system, one version functions as expected and when does not, surely it’s not the plugins, right ?

Or it is ?..

Sorry for ranting

I know I dont have to use Cubase 7…but I kinda want to y’know. But it doesn’t work. I really really do hate this new mixer, but I’d quite like the chance to try and overcome the hatred and get used to it. But the damn thing wont work

logic x…I’m afraid here I come.

sob sob


In the same boat here. I keep popping back here in the hope of 7.0.6, but still no sign or word form the mods.

Totally agree, except I don’t want to cry, I want to “Hulk Smash” my computer every time Cubase 7 causes we to go WTF! yet again…

Yes, no one forced anyone to do anything, but if you PAID for an upgrade to “professional” software, you would expect it work properly, and not have a mixer gui that seems like it was designed by a five year old wouldn’t you?

Have you tried asking a question in a Mac specific thread?

Also, make two posts as you appear to have two distinct issues and there are plenty of “mixer issues” threads already.

Notwithstanding, you need to also list system specifications in order so the “mac guys” can help you.

If it makes you feel any better, I hate the new mixer too (as well as a lot of the new GUI conventions where things are hidden and light up and appear you mouse over things, etc.)

Agreed. As in the ‘No Effect’ or ‘No Buss’ labels showing up as you hover into/past/through an empty ‘slot’. They can go. Really. I get it. I got it, after about 5 mins.

Yeah, I prefer the old mixer. I don’t need a new channel strip (I have thousands of dollars worth of great plugins), I don’t need it to be resizable (I was happy with 2 sizes),I liked the look of the old mixer (graphics) and ease of access WAY better, that said, I do like the new channel sort features and browser. Unfortunately, if we want to move forward (with Cubendo), we’re going to have to accept the new GUI in Cubase 7. I’m not happy, but I can’t see myself staying on 6.5 forever…
Yes, I’m still using 6.5 for my studio work.

No. it is much more complicated then we make out of it. we sit here in our little world and never look outside but I can assure you… EVERYONE is having troubles and problems.

Just look at this :

This guy had TONS of problems with Pro-Tools.

So its really a matter of perspective.

Personally, I WANT to use C7… but currently I can’t. the new mixer simply makes me feel unbelievably uncomfortable. and this is not a rant. just my opinion. I can’t look at it and I feel it’s just not “it”.
I hope Steinberg will change things.

I feel your pain. Sounds like there might be some sort of hardware or driver conflict on your system. If I knew more about Mac I’d help, but alas I’m a “Windows guy.”

Regarding your opinion of the new mixer, I’ve been a loyal Cubase user since version 1.5 and I could not agree with you more, friend. Simply put: the new mixer sucks. With all due respect, whoever "designed " it (and I use that term only for conversation), chose the wrong profession, as did the person who hired them.

Clearly Steinberg/Yamaha is weak when it comes to design patterns and workflow. From a usability perspective (something I know a little about being a software architect for a living) the new mixer is a jumbled mess, not even close to intuitive and easy to work with as its predecessor.

Sadly, it’s not just Steinberg who makes such horrible design decisions that negatively impact workflow efficiency of its customers in the name of “product evolution.” Many companies take wildly popular designs and chuck them into the trash can in favor of something inferior, ugly, and in some cases, unbearable to work with. Why? So they can say they have something “new” to impress the columnists and perhaps gain another “editor’s choice” award. Seems those are the only awards they are interested in… those that sell more product.

Course, as with any product, there are always those giddy customers who pat the company on the back no matter how ghastly the product. This is a well known phenomena in UI design circles, by the way. Remember that hellish thing known as MySpace? There were people who thought that was the greatest thing ever invented. Shame.

Then again, as a UI architect I’m in the business of making utilitarian-grade, world class quality software interfaces that flex to meet the requirements of all target users. So, unlike Steinberg–who only seems to take stock in the voices of those giddy fanboys that sing its praises and dismiss (and even attack) its detractors–the voice of the harsh critic is the one I am most interested in hearing. Hence, I don’t have a lot in common with Steinberg’s sheltered, groupthink-bitten, isolated approach to UI design, so I don’t purport to understand them.

But who cares, right? I’m a nobody to Steinberg, even though I’ve used their product since the early 90’s. Though they have my name on file, they don’t know me from a dude who just picked up a copy of Cubase Artist yesterday. If they did, they would have contacted me a long time ago and said “Hey Mark, you’ve been an amazing customer of ours, and its people like you who we owe a great debt of gratitude to for our success. We just wanted to say thank you, offer you a few free products, and ask you some questions about our software. Why? Because we value you as a customer. We’re grateful for you. You’ve helped made us what we are, and we appreciate it.”

But no. Steinberg doesn’t know me, and isn’t interested in my input or appreciative of my loyalty to them. I’m a nobody to Steinberg, and so are you, and that’s not going to change because they know the competition sucks even worse than them, and many of us are too invested to jump ship now. C’est la vie fellow suckers.

But heck, I can’t lie, I’ve made a lot of music with Cubase. Sold a lot of music. I’m grateful for the software overall. I’d even be more grateful if they brought back the old mixer, or at least gave us a “CLASSIC MIXER” view option… and stopped taking things away without consulting us.

One feature in the old mixer which, I don’t think can be done in the new, was the ability to minimise channels independently from the others. I used it a lot, and would be nice to have back…


So my opinion here is that the OP (with few posts under his belt) probably didn’t see all the posts about the old mixer. It’s was doomed since a long time. There was so much complaining about it, that they simply concentrated on getting the new mixer out there. Of course that is not the only reason, but I am sure that played a part in why it came when it came. It’s difficult to please large populations and some end up very happy with something that others perceive as adequate or even sub-standard. That’s a reason why there are other competing software suites still out there to buy.

As for “the old version worked on my old computer, but the new version does not” argument, well I can only agree that it sucks for you, but that is really something that happens, quite a lot. A computer that is five years old will have a harder time keeping up with software that is that much younger. Now I did not say it’s always the case because it’s not, and I also didn’t say that another person will have the same issues, even with the same model. Computers are universal tools, and the more they get taxed with, generally, the less it can dedicate to specific and preferable tasks. A computer is, however, not “universally” fast and over time it will seem to “slow down”. What am I trying to say here? Well, a new version of an application or plugin will, very likely always, tax the same machine harder than its previous edition. It’s a natural part in the evolution of pretty much any software suite.