cubase 7 - installation problem


i have new pc and i installd the older versions of cubase and after i installd the update from cubase 6.5 to cubase 7

but its not showing me any cubase 7 adter the instalation is finishd!only all the other content its show that its installd all exept the cubase 7!what to do?

p.s i also tried a clean instalation of cubase 7(i unistall all and installd the cubase 7 alone)its didnt help.

somone have an idea how to fix it?

Maybe you can uninstall all old versions using a tool called revouninstaller before starting again but do not install any versions below a fresh install of V6.5, i.e. obtain the latest program installs and if necessary ask Steinberg for a new disk.

Once you have uninstalled the old products (including any failed V7 installs) you may proceed to using another tool called Wise Registry Cleaner.

This will ensure a “clean slate” for any future installs of Cubase.

Only then should you install V7.

thanx man…ok i tried to unistall all with a special unistall program and installd the 6—>6.5—7 update but its not working…any idea?somone from steinberg can help!!!


have you tried to download the core Installer ?? If not, download the core installer and do the Installation with this core installer again. After this Installation you will have C7 on you PC. I had the same Problem after Installing C7 from DVD (update from 6.07 to 7). After the Installation was finished there was no C7 (no Icon on Desktop, no Folder on any Place on my PC). The only thing that worked for me was to download the core installer. He will install the C7 exe. Hope this works for you too.