Cubase 7 International Activation

I live in Kazakhstan and I don’t have an official Steinberg dealer in my country,so I want to purchase a full retail Cubase 7 from Ebay official dealer.But I don’t know,can I activate it from here,or not? On some Cubase 7 boxes I saw next notification “US Version: this software can be activated and is officially supported only within the US”.But other boxes don’t have such notifications.Does it mean I can activate in anywhere I want? Is it international version?

Hi I’m English I live in Spain and I bought my copy from Thormann a German company. All worked fine for me.

Does your Cubase box have any region notifications on the front side?

But even though you have the DVD you still need the internet, just in case you did not know this.

Just seen your photo. US version. I have not seen that before and I would stay clear.

So your box looks just like this one?

So,if I’ll buy Cubase 7 US version on Ebay and recieve it here,in Kazakhstan,I can fully use this product & download all the updates?

YES as it says it doesn’t matter were in the world you are

Great! You really helped me! Thanks!

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