Cubase 7 is now LIVE!

So, after checking at midnight for no download - and now at around mid day (London Time), the steinberg site is back up from maintenance!

I bought the update from Cubase 6 to Cubase 7 - checkout went fine!

Started the download - 1.43GB

The download got to 99% and then cancelled!

Retrying the download now - the server seemed to have crashed - but i got another instance of the download going now! a LOT LOT slower now though!

anybody else downloading Cuabse 7 from the steinberg site?

I am downloading… pretty fast so far… :smiley:

Grace period isn’t going through yet. Makes me doubt it will happen today if they’re selling it.

second time now i’ve downloaded it and it’s failed at 99%!

let me know if yours completes!

The plan is to have it available within the next hour.

I,m downloading now. 2,5Mb/sec !

DONE. 100% of file, go to install.

download rate : 687kb/s
32 mn to go.
Arghhh… can’t wait !! :mrgreen:

Thanks for the info, Ed. Everything should have been ready yesterday for this event. Makes Steinberg look like amatures when it goes off like this. All the hype with no result.

good luck!

4th attempt now!

and i’m trying to download it at the same tim on two different computers!

getting good speeds 4MB/sec

but still failing at 99%

I am going to check… sorry for this.

Its failing at 99% because there are no seeders… SEED YOU FLARGIN LEECHERS !!!

umm… oops … wrong forum !

lolz… ya… im CRAWLING thru the overloaded website just trying to place my order…


That tells me many people are getting it… and MORE people… means we have more users… and more users means more success for the DAW I have used since I was a teen on the Amiga PC!

It’s all good!

the download still fails at 99%

HOWEVER - the file is saved as a .partial file as it’s still incomplete.

Just rename the suffix to .exe and it works just fine!

Just installed Cubase 7 64 bit! Looks great!

I get the following message when I try to download:


You don’t have permission to access /dl/Cubase_7_Update_Installer_win.exe on this server.

internet explorer 9?

have had this behaviour many times with any other downloads, too…

I downloaded the OSX and Win version without any problem.

I had the same issue and our online shop provider Asknet is checking this as I write this.

Forgot to add the real bit of info…

Some VIRUS CHECKERS can cause downloads to end at 99% . . .

I can’t even load the site, lol.

Unpacking now as we speak