Cubase 7 is the Best

Hi. This is one off the first songs that I mixed in Cubase 7. Really love the feeling of working in the new software. Much better workflow is leading to more spontaneous results, I think. All Comments Welcome.


That’s a fun song :slight_smile:
It’s a bit busy though, too many elements competing for my attention at the same time.

I really like the instrumental bit in the middle though!

Great sounding track, enjoyed it, well done…Kevin

Thats a kickin track. What are you playing here. I would suggest that some of the elements be dropped out of the 1st verse and brought in later in order to build. It seems like the kik is lost in the mix and sonically you could probably go back to the tracks and make sure you’ve eq’d so as to carve out a space for the ,drums,bass, keys, and guitar chords that doesn’t over lap as far as frequency range goes. This is a great song

Of coarse its all opinion, love the tune the mix and the playing. I like that it kicks me is @#% at bar one and never stops.I think thats what you are going for in this. I can imagine people moving to this

Really cool song. The guitar wah pedal licks work very well, as do the brass crescendos, giving the piece some room to breathe whilst making it more interesting. Good going, enjoyed this quite a lot :smiley:

iLike :mrgreen:

Great song, great singer. Feels like I’ve known this song for years, like it’s an instant rock classic.
I really like the ‘break’ around 1:24, the vocal harmonies and the funky ‘Superstition-like’ clavinet (is it?) :sunglasses:

If I may make some critical remarks about the mix:

  • I think the lead vocal could be a little bit ‘louder’ or EQ’ed ‘extremer’ in the mid/highs. It’s very much in the mix now and a bit more upfront is more commercial. But maybe I’m using the wrong speakers.
  • The song is a bit too long. Not much new happening in the last 45 seconds, maybe 30-20 seconds less would do?

But these are really minor asides on a great piece. :slight_smile:
Great work!

Kind regards