cubase 7 is the new microsoft surface

I thought that would get your attention. A week ago I went to my electronics store to check out the Microsoft surface for a Christmas gift. The store clerk told me that they had never seen one and didn’t know when they would get some in. I bought an ipad and left.

Now to my point. I have been eagerly awaiting the Dec. 5th release of Cubase 7. I just called Guitar center in Detroit to check on my order - I preordered the Cubase 7 upgrade from 6.5 two weeks ago. They said that they didn’t have any in stock and couldn’t tell me when they would get any in or if they did, how many copies they would receive. They said that if I wanted a copy for Christmas I should try another store. A quick check with musician’s friend and sweetwater confirms the same story.

Are other people having the same problem?

Why didn’t you just download the upgrade?

I didn’t know this was possible. Thanks, I will check it out.

Got mine from GC on the 5th.