Cubase 7 Issue


Recently I decided that It might be a good idea for me to upgrade to the full version. Thing is, I want to try the full version before I go through with upgrading it. So I try and get the trial working, problem is once I put in the license for the trial, it adds into my licenser but nothing happens to Cubase. It’s still loading as Cubase Artist 7.

I’d really like to try the full before I upgrade and any help to fix this issue would be appreciated.



Trial hasn’t been released yet.

It’s not stated anywhere that the trial hasn’t been released. I own Cubase 7 Artist and when I go into Steinberg Hub > Activate Trials. It sends me to a website where it gives me information on unlocking the Cubase 7 Full Trial. I’ve followed those steps and nothing happens. I’v already activated the trial and I’d really just like to try it now.

Yes it is, maybe a look through the Stickies would be in order.

So how come it lets me activate my trial, but doesn’t let me use it.

When will it be released, do you know?

i think C7 demo should be released with C7.02 update tomorrow (18.2.2013)


Still now working.

Guy, the trial won’t be available until they announce it. What are you not getting? :confused:

I’m not getting why it would let me activate the trial but not work. That’s what I’m not getting.

Well maybe im wrong but i “think” i saw in one of the topics someone from steinberg saying a C7 demo will be available with 7.02 update.

you will just have to wait Boriss until they release the C7 Demo. its not there yet


The trial is out. I’v been pm’ed by an admin who told me the steps to activate it Cubase 7. The problem is that I’v already went through these steps and I am still stuck at not being able to try out the full version. It’s a bug and I hope it gets fixed soon.

So you have actually run a full version installer??

I think the full and the artist are the same installer, except that when you’ve got a artist key, your getting limited features.

Sorry…you’re right.
I saw there were separate download pages for Full and Artist so assumed they were different downloads but they just link to the same installer :blush:

Issue resolved:

"You will need to temporarily reset Cubase so it give you the choice of what to launch.
With Cubase closed.
Navigate to
C: \ Users | “your folder” \ AppData \ roaming \ Steinberg
appdata is hidden to show it follow this.

Rename the Cubase folders place a one in from of the names.

Launch Cubase this should have it prompt you for a version to open. "

Thank you Steinberg support team