Cubase 7 keeps ignoring my US-122L interface

I’m trying to troubleshoot a recurring issue. I’m looking after Cubase on a number of computers on a group licence.

The computers are set up to use a Tascam US122L interface for audio output, and the VST is HalionOneSE. Midi is being recorded using Instrument tracks. This usually works fine for a while, but then Cubase will stop registering any output signal, apparently at random. The US122/144 driver is still selected, output busses are the same, Halion’s still selected but Cubase just doesn’t show any output on the transport bar, and no sound is heard.

The only thing that sorts it is restarting the whole computer, but again that only works for 10 minutes or so before the issue recurs. This suggests to me that the problem is something within Cubase, but I can’t see any problems with routing.

Can anyone suggest what the issue might be? Feel free to ask any questions.

Thanks in anticipation.


I would guess, there is very short unplug (disconnecting) of the device in the mean time. So this could point to some hardware problem. Try to unplug it manually and then plug it back. Or use another USB port.

You could also try to restart Cubase only, not the whole computer.

Why do I think so? Once you unplug or switch the Device off, Cubase will not recognise it, until you restart the Cubase. From the OS point of view, the device is here (back, in fact), but not for Cubase.

Thanks Martin. I tried restarting Cubase, and it still didn’t work. The drivers for the US122L still appear in the devices window but as I say there’s no output registered on the end of the transport bar.

I’ll try simply unplugging the interface and reconnecting it.

I see, so Cubase knows about the driver.

Strange is, that it happens again, after few minutes. Do you have your MIDI keyboard connected via USB or MIDI (to the US-122L)? If MIDI - When this happens, does Cubase receives the data anyway? In general, is only Outout affected or also Input?

Could you doble-check, there is no screensaver, HDD sleep, or something like this switched On, what could interrup the communication, please?