Cubase 7 Keycommands on MACBOOK PRO! (mixer etc)


I’m using Cubase 7 on my Macbook Pro for daily music production. I absolutely love Cubase.

BUT, there’s a HUGE problem for me and that is all those devices keycommands such as F1, F2 and so on - to open things.

Since I’m on a Macbook pro, I have my lower and higher volume controls up there, my “how bright should the screen be” control, mute control etc.

How do you Mac or Macbook Pro users use Cubase, what keycommands do u have for these kind of things? I still want to be able to lower and higher my volume on the computer using those buttons…

This is really a huge loss for me if I switch to the regular F1, F2 keys in order to be able to open the mixer etc.

Any suggestions, templates etc for Mac users?

Either use your fn key, or change the default behaviour for the F keys in system settings.

Exactly. In System Preferences->Keyboard, Keyboard tab, there’s a check box called “Use all F1, F2, etc. keys as standard function keys” Select this.

From here, Cubase will respond to the F keys, and you use the “fn” key while pressing the F you wish to change those items like brightness, sound, etc.