Cubase 7 - Latency


I would welcome all and any feedback regarding the issue I’m presently dealing with.

I’m running Cubase 7 (64 bit) on Windows 7 Pro - 8gb ram - on a PCAudiolabs PC and my interface is Presonus Firepod.

I haven’t installed any Cubase updates in a longtime, I’m on Cubase 7.0.6 build 2230 - until very recently the system has been very efficient and without any problems whatsoever.

However, I am suddenly experiencing noticeable latency when monitoring recording. There’s enough lag that it’s really distracting and almost impossible to work with.

The only change I’ve made recently was to install Waves L3, but I’m not using it when tracking, so…

Any ideas will be gratefully received.

Many thanks!

Are there any vst inserts enabled on the track or the main stereo out channel. Also, I don 't think the FP has a direct monitoring feature but check that out and turn it off. Also… updrade to the latest CB version available.

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Thanks for your swift response, no I don’t have any inserts on tracks or master bus.

I have no idea what latency readings I was getting before this issue started, but right now I have Input latency of: 5.624ms and Output latency of: 9.501ms - what should I expect with Cubase 7, using a Firepod?

As ever, many thanks for reading and for any ideas you might be able to offer.

One more thing… I regularly use Reason via rewire in conjunction with Cubase 7. Just now I closed Cubase and used the audio/record facility in Reason (which I’d never previously tried!) and no (discernible) latency at all!!! Which does suggest to me that it’s a Cubase issue. However, I have no idea why it’s suddenly happening.


Many thanks!

Once again: Turning off direct monitoring will introduce latency, not avoid it.

In any control room channel?

The same you should expect from any other DAW depending on buffer size and samplerate + plugin delay.

I suppose what I was asking is, should I be able to work with the latency that I’m offering that I currently have… as I said until a few hours ago, my studio was working perfectly, no latency issues and now… clearly I’m less than knowledgeable about software, etc. and would appreciate any responses that accommodate my lack of wisdom!

Thank you for your time and for sharing your knowledge. I’m grateful.

There are two main factors that influence latency. One is the buffer settings of your interface. This is the number you see in the cubase VST audio system. Additionally you get delay due to plugins. These numbers are not included in the above reading but add to these numbers.

when will be the last version upgraded?