Cubase 7 LE Activation


Can someone please spell out how to get an access code for LE 7?

I had LE 5, which I got with a Zoom H4n some years back. However, I wasn’t able to get LE 5 running satisfactorily with the interface I’ve now got (a Focusrite 18i20) and therefore thought I give LE 7 a run. However, the access code I got emailed to me for LE 5 don’t work with LE 7 and I don’t have any other access code with the documentation, so could someone please let me know how this works?


You can’t upgrade from LE5 to LE7. I did a google search and this question was asked in the LE/AI pre sales forum 12 months ago.
So you would have to start afresh and purchase a full Elements 7. However did your LE5 work at all.

So wait, where did you get LE 7? As far as I know you just register the software with Steinberg and they give you a code.


Yes, I suspect it may be more so a registration process. After concluding LE 5 wasn’t worth pursuing (the Focusrite drivers didn’t allow a signal in, whereas the general ASIO drivers didn’t allow the full compliment of channels), I searched for the more current version and was drawn to a Cubase page that seem to suggest that LE 7 was free in a similar fashion to LE 5 and went from there. So, Jim’s probably right that I was looking at a registration process, rather than a download process. I might have another go with LE 5.We’ll see.