Cubase 7 library in an external drive. It's possible?

Hello everyone,
I would like to ask if I can move the default library of Cubase 7 (Halion Sonic SE, LoopMash etc.) to an external drive.


Mac or Windows ?

Currently on windows but soon also on mac.


So, it’s pretty easy,

1 : Enable hidden files and folder in windows

2 : Go to c:\users\YOURPROFIL\appdata\roaming\steinberg

3 : Find any .vstsound you want and move it wherevere you want. (What I did is create a folder called Steinberg in
another drive and put all my vstsounds there)

4 : Create a shortcut for each vstsound files and rename it to have exactly the same name as the original file.

5 : Put your shortcuts where the originals vstsound files were…

And there you go…

Do it for all vstsound you want… I did it successfully for loopmash, Halion, Grooveagent, Reverence…

Just don’t mess with the shortcuts. At the end you should have exactly the same content in each folder, but it would be shortcut for each vstsound and not the Vstsound files itself

Example :
I had :
C:\users\zewolfx\appdata\roaming\steinberg\content\Halion\Vst Sound\FCP_SMT_003_HS_Grand_Piano_01.vstsound

I moved the files in : D:\Libraries\Steinberg\

Then, I created a Shortcut for the moved file, renamed the new shortcut to FCM_SMT_003_HS-Grand_Piano_01.vstsound (just removed shortcut extension in fact ^^) and put the shortcut back to C:\users\zewolfx\appdata\roaming\steinberg\content\Halion\Vst Sound\

You can have a little tweak that prevent Windows to add the extension “shortcut to” if you want to make it even more quickier…

Guess it helps… ^^

Thanks! I will try.

ok just let me know ^^

It works!!! :slight_smile: