Cubase 7 license backward compatible

I’ve been looking high and low for a clear answer to this question.

Does my license for Cubase 7 allow me to use ANY previous version?

I know it allows me to use Cubase 5 because I got the full version of that one when it was released, but would it allow me to use, say, 6 or 6.5?

The information I usually find on this subject is that it’s perfectly possible to use older versions with newer licenses, but it’s never specified if one has to have previously specifically owned these versions…

The reason I ask is a friend of mine is working in Cubase 6 Elements and asked me to help him with some stuff. I was thinking that, to maximize compatibility, I could maybe do my magic with his stuff in the same version of Cubase…

Yes? No?
Thanks for clearing this up…

According to all I know, the answer is YES. You could even run SX3 with it.

As for compatibility: I’ve been working like that for years (having different versions installed even on the same PC), and it all works with the one “big” license key.

I want to know this also! :bulb:

Hoping that official response.


Yes, it is allowed and working.
I came from 5.5 to 7 and could download, install and start 6.5 as well.

Okay, very cool…

Thanks for clearing that up.

One more thing though…
There’s a full download available for Cubase 7, but what about the other versions?
Or do I just ask my mate to bring his CD 'round?

But I believe the USB dongle doesn’t licence VST5 and prior products, i.e. those before SX. However, if you have the old parallel port dongle you can transfer the licence to USB (but you can’t transfer it back)…


You ask your mate to bring the CD ´round.


Or you could try the trial version via you “mySteinberg” account. You might get problems though, since Cubase Elements 6 uses the soft elicenser, not the USB eLicenser by default.