Cubase 7 license on more than 3 comps

im just in the process of building a monster of a daw but this will be my 4th pc in about 3 years and im wondering is there anything I have to do to be able to have the c7 licence on the latest comp , the oldest computer is dead and buried and I only have the workstation and laptop running c7 atm but will this hamper me installing c7 on the new build ?
Any info would be gratefully received ,muchas gracias


As always you need to have the USB key plugged in. 3 comps in your possession is the official statement.

oh ok I thought you was only allowed to install on 3 comps ?

isn´t that more than 2 comps…?

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lol yes it is ,if the earliest one is redundant ( dead ,no longer esists) will it be ok as this will add up to the 4th one the has had c6 upwards on but only 2 that has had the c7 upgrade license on ,im confused :confused: :blush: :laughing:

sorry ive just altered the title to 3

Don’t think it matters how many machines have your copy of Cubase on it, the thing won’t run without an eLicenser plugged in.

Cubase is licensed to your Dongle and not the computer which is why there is such a problem if you lose it. As it stands you can only run one Cubase system at a time.

ok well ive filled out a support request as this area is very unclear as im sure your hardrive is a license as well ,not just the dongle so ive asked for an official answer to make sure I don’t have to buy a new licence for this build .
Guess what I choose to build a pc instead of buying a mac :wink:

Licenses are intended to work like this: one license, one person. The logistics and management of that vary between companies.

Steinberg uses a dongle, which means that whomever has that dongle has the right to use whatever licenses are on it; it doesn’t matter what computer they’re using.

Think of it this way: you bought the license, the software is complementary. You can have as many machines as you want with Cubase installed, but you can only ever use one (or however many licenses you own) at a time.

ok thanks

check out
2. Grant of license section 3

right so as far as I understand it as long as ive only installed c7 on two machines I still have one left install go ,hopefully if that’s the way it works

That restriction is deliberately vague, but only applies to simultaneous / frequent use.

If you’ve installed Cubase on other computer configurations in the past, but you’re only using the latest one, that counts as one computer.

Furthermore, if you read the “EULA FOR ELICENSER CONTROL” Section 2 . 2 Grant of License, it clearly states: that you may only “use the Licensed software and Licensed hardware on one single computer only (i.e., one Central Processing Unit) at one single place”

Which, by the logic of the 3 computer limitation mentioned earlier, implies that you can only use the dongle on the very first computer it’s plugged into, in the first location it’s used. That must present a problem for laptop users, huh?

EULAs are vague and not to be taken seriously. Just don’t bother reading them.

Just calm down. This “you may install a license for the software on one or at most 3 computers” thing is just general “terms & conditions” thing. There’s nothing to prevent you to install to as many computers as you want. Installing to more computers would just be violation of the agreement between you and Steinberg. And if one of your computers is toast it is no more a computer and you should not count that one as one of the 3.

I have installed one of my Cubases in 5 computers during the years (because older computers were scrapped) … and still have no Steinberg lawyer knocking on my door :stuck_out_tongue:

ok cheers gents and jarno I am pretty calm lol
So with every upgrade of Cubase you do you surrender the previous licence so that should allow you from the upgrade to install on 3 new computers if you wish yes ?
I know exactly what your saying and have no issues with installing c7 on my new build im just trying to work out steinbergs wording as im a bit thick in that respect :smiley:

Well, that’s the thing, the wording is deliberately bad and designed to be confusing. They don’t describe what constitutes a “computer” or what happens in the event of a computer being disassembled or stolen or generally no longer accessible. It just throws that arbitrary restriction out there with no support.

Really, if you ever end up in court over it, even a very biased judge would read that and go, “this is meaningless gobbledygook”.

yes the EULA completely contradicts it’s self in many ways by the looks of it and it does seem pretty ridiculous that if you built a new machine then potentially you have to buy a new licence ,your right it’s all codswallop lol
If that was fact I would certainly still be on the Atari lol

OK! I know I’m not a gent… but did you have to announce this fact to the whole world? :laughing:

I thought the whole world knew you little secret ?? oohhh bugger …I hang my head in shame :blush: :wink:

it’s ok ,of a weekend im known as Shirley :wink:

It says on three computers in your possession, not on three computers in a row, beginning with the first one it was ever installed on…
Of course if one of them is replaced, you don’ t need a new license for the next one.( just my opinion of course…)