Cubase 7 Licensing question

I’ve finally obtained a boxed copy of Cubase 7 and installed it. After reading the “marketecture” on the Steinberg site I believed I was getting a product that contained not only a valid copy and licence for Cubase 7 but also valid copies and licences for a bunch of other tools including HALion Sonic. What I seem to have is a bunch of trial products (Cubase 7 excepted) and trial licences for those products including HALion Sonic.

Can someone please clarify this for me: have I been misled by the web site or have I done something wrong in my installation?



Well, of course if you buy a Full version of Cubase, you get only a full version of Cubase.

Then the web site is misleading.

Since you seem to be the first who thinks that, I can´t really believe that…

What page(s) are you referring to?

If I go to the web site and pull up the menu and see under Cubase 7 it says “What you get” and on the very next screen that comes up (not any subsequent screens) is a whole bunch of stuff including “Premium VST Instruments” (and so much more) with comments about how you get all that “right out of the box” then to me that says that if I buy this Cubase 7 product I get everything that’s listed on the “What you get” screen. So, either I get it or they’re misleading me into believing I get it.

Everything that is listed on that screen is included in Cubase 7. I don´t see anything where it says “HalionSonic full version license” though…? If you then click the “all included Plugins” link, you get a detailed list. Also this list does not name anything that is not included.

Everything mentioned on that page is included with Cubase. There’s nothing on it that isn’t. (thinkingcap posted while I was writing this…)

OK. SO all those items listed on the page: - Padshop, Groove Agent One, Loopmash 2, Retrologue, they should all have installed when I installed Cubase 7. Is that correct?


Thanks Steve. Look slike I have some learnin’ to do because right now I don’t know how to find them. But at least now I know what I’m looking for.

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If you’re on Windows and had UAC active while installing Cubase, it may have crapped itself or missed a few things. That happened to me a few days ago.

Make sure to give admin privilages / disable UAC.

You will have Halion Sonic SE included with Cubase, but not Halion Sonic or Halion.

If you have any problems, you can download the full ISO: