Cubase 7 - Line Toneport UX2 & Midi


I am using the above setup to drive some East West VSTs. This works fine for the most part.

I have one very annoying issue. When the first note is played there is a slight glitch noise/delay while the midi appears to “kick in”. Every note after this is fine with no latency until there is a break in playing. Then the same situation repeats for the next “first note”.

In what maybe a connected issue the metronome (using audio beeps) only sounds while I am playing guitar over direct monitoring. If I stop playing the metronome cuts out.

Would appreciate any help here!


That is odd behavior. What version and build of C7 do you have installed? What operating system are you on?

With regard to the MIDI glitch, if you load Halion Sonic SE and set it to a Piano, do you get the same glitch?

With regard to the audio, in Transport, Metronome Setup, what options do you have selected for playback? In Devices, Device Setup, VST Audio System, what is your ASIO Driver? What is your input latency?

Thinking off the wall, this sounds a little like you’ve got a noise gate in your signal path…


Fresh install of Cubase 7 bought this week and updated 7.0.5. Win8 Pro 64bit.

At work at the moment but I am using the ux2 ASIO driver, the latency are of the order 7ms input 12ms output I think. Will fill in other gaps later.

I have had the midi issue for years on win 7 64bit and cubase 5 and never resolved it. Could the midi keyboard be an issue (m-audio radium 61)? The metronome did function correctly in Cubase 5.

Thanks for the response. Would I have to enable this or could it be a default setting?

I don’t have any specific knowledge of your hardware so I can’t help with how to check that out… On the cubase side it’s unlikely you’ve got a noise gate in the signal path by default.

But because you say the metronome cuts out when you stop playing guitar that’s a noise gate behaviour, i.e. the gate shuts because the metronome isn’t loud enough to trigger it to open. Also might explain why the first VSTi note is odd but successive notes are fine until the next large gap in playing.

Noise gates are frequently used on guitars, and isn’t this hardware for simulating guitar amps?

You could test the noise gate theory by turning up and turning down the metronome to see if it cuts in and out.


I see what you are saying. Only bit about it that doesnt make sense to me is that surely the metronome shouldnt be dependant on direct monitoring at all? Its almost like I have the metronome “routed” incorrectly, but being a fresh install that seems strange.

This problem isn’t limited to Cubase, so looks like its the toneport or the midi interface causing me problems. Thanks for all the responses.

I would still appreciate any help on the metronome problem I am having though.

When I record the metronome isnt audible until I start to play guitar or play VST over midi. When I stop playing the metronome then stops sounding again.

Any setting etc I could provide that would help diagnose this behaviour?

There is not a reason within Cubase why the metronome would be cutoff when there is no input signal. I think this is most likely an issue with the Tone Port. I would suggest contacting Line 6 and seeing if they have any gate functions for balancing the input and DAW.

One other test I would suggest: Start a new empty project. Import a commercially recorded audio file and play it back. Does this playback properly? Then turn on the Click track. It won’t lineup with your audio file, but do they both play back properly now?

Thanks for the reply Chris, Ill get on those. I have been on line6 forums with no resposne to date but now I can get more specific.