Cubase 7 List Editor problem

I am using c7.5.40x64 with w7x64 pro
and have problems with list editor
when I add cc7 volume and prg change they end up after notes (see picture)
Need help to get them added before the notes
Have I missed something related to settings in Preferences menu ?
list editor problem.PNG

Looks to me like it’s your snap & quantise values. However, you can go into the column on the left & change the position values by a few ticks.

Hi Neil B,
Thnx for your reply…
The List Editor problem does not occur in C6x64
but exist in C7x64 and C8x64…
see attached png file…
I have checked settings in C6 and C7 and compared
them with eachother…can’t find any differences !
Could this be a programming error ?
also thnx for your “soundcarpets without melodies”
List Editor problems picture C6 versus C7.PNG

Okay never used C6 but I see your problem. Just tried it & sorry, haven’t got an answer.

Re Soundcarpets without melodies - haven’t got a clue what you’re on about :slight_smile: !!!