Cubase 7 & Logitech M510 Mouse

Hi there. I’ve just bought a Logitech M510 Mouse…it’s powerful and it has the scrolling both up, down, left and right.

In all the applications (such as Word, Notepad, Browser) it works perfectly instead in Cubase 7 I can’t use the left and right scrolling (that is very important for me).

Some suggests?

The OS (which you don’t mention) sends the commands to the application. The application must be programmed to do something with them. Perhaps Cubase is not programmed to respond to the commands?

Sorry…I’m using Win7Ultimate x64…

the strange thing is that with other software it works…

Unless Logitec have a programming applet included I’m afraid you’re SOL.
(I personally will never buy another logitec product but that’s my opinion)

I personally will only use logictec mouse’s and my current one M515 with the scroll button and being able to unclick the scroll wheel for free spinning is perfect .
The battery saving idea is brilliant as well (goes to auto sleep when not used ) . But that’s my opinion of course :wink:

Same here with M705. It works for everything but Cubase.

I’m using a Logitech Anywhere MX, and have a set of specific commands programmed for Cubase, via the application by application configuration setup in the Setpoint software. For instance I have a button assigned to bring up/hide the transport bar, one for the automation panel, one for the instrument rack, one for the mixer etc. Seems to work pretty well here, and I find it pretty useful.

any news configuration ideas?