Cubase 7 - mac : Where is the manual ?

Sorry to ask this question, but couldn’t find an answer, specific for mac users of Cubase 7.

I installed the boxed (full) version of Cubase 7 (mac).
Then i installed the 7.01 update (downloaded from Steinberg site).

Now, I really can’t find the PDF manual of Cubase 7 , not within the program, and not in the Finder in a folder.

Are there mac users that know where i can find the PDF manual ?
And is it available within the program itself ?

Thx in advance,

Is it not under your Help menu within Cubase?

Ooooops, indeed, it is …

How could i have missed that ? :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Thank you !

I want to read it in bed on m iPad - how to? cubase 7 operation manual

Copy it to your iPad…!? :confused:

Right click Cubase in your Applications folder, click “Show Package Contents”, then you can find it located in the “documentation” folder. You will find all the .pdfs you need. :slight_smile: