Cubase 7 Macintosh+Apogee Hardware

hello, i´m using cuabse with apogees duet 2. before i had cubase 5.5 and duet firewire. the way i configure the in /outs in the devices setup i did before (with cubase5.5) does not work anymore. cubase of course recognizes duet, and the outputs are working, but i seem to make a mistake with configuring the inputs. - i can´t get any input in the cuabe channel, whre i want to e.g. my guitar. happy about any help, kay

Press F4 and in “connections” add a mono and stereo input.

Any help?

aaaah, just fixed it! - in cubase 7 in fact its much easier, - since you can access the vst connections directly from the arranger window.anyway thank you and have a nice day