Cubase 7 MBS and LBS help for Minimoog Voyager

Hi guys

Am new at doing this but I would like to be able to draw controller changes in Cubase 7 to control my Moog Minimoog Voyager. Can someone tell me step by step how I can achieve this? Yesterday, I recorded the Resonance but then when I wanted to fine tune the amounts, some of them were –XX (negative number). I cannot see anything below 0, hence I cant amend. The CC is 53.

When I refer to page 76 of manual, the parameter to adjust resonance is 21MSB and 53LSB. Can someone tell me step by step on how I can do this (MBS and LBS setting) in a Midi track lane?


Just an update. I got the Voyager plugin from Moog (made by soundtower) and that solves my problem. Thanks all that viewed the post.

Had the same problem and got the plugin too…great stuff. I think the resonance and cutoff is double presicion, and that’s why they use 2 controller messages to get the greater resolution…or something like that.
The plugin is fantastic…now you got a hardware synth that is totally recallable from within Cubase and all it’s parameters are as automatable as any softsynth.
…and 10 times better sounding! :wink:

I fully agree. While the Moog has great Osc and Filters, I couldn’t get it to do what I wanted based on the modulation options present on the synth. For example is a wobble type line (the type used in dub step) where the LFO is dead synced to the tempo. The plugin is far easier to get the job done. I’ll definitely be messing around more with the plugin to control the synth. Thanks for the reply.

Now i wish they had a plugin for the Andromeda A6 on Mac.

if your looking for plugin’s for your synths check out midiquest 10xl

i use it for all my external gear ,fx ,synths ,modules :wink:

and here’s the list of plugin’s and the alesis is on there :wink:

Thanks. Isn’t that a librarian though?

and plugin’s

Thanks. Will check it out.