Cubase 7 - Mediabay - Clearing tag suggestions

Hello there,
is there a way to clear the tag suggestions on a factory based tag, like for instance my content summary media tag.
As I encode my audio files, the box scroll down to some keywords I wrote, but don’t need anymore.
I know I can live without… But I’d like to keep everything as clear as possible in the future.
Please help !

example pls?

Example: as I was tagging my “postprod audio files”, I choose to add the comment summary tag. I wrote “Film” in the correspondant box. Then I realized I shoud better write “Film extr”, to keep things clear in my mind.
Now, as I thick the “content summary box”, a scroll down list appears on wich I can select the word “Film extr”, but also - and still - the old term “Film”.
Allthough there are no files tagged as “Film” in my library, I 'd like to delete this option in the scroll down menu since I’m afraid of selecting it by mistake in the future. Is that clear ?
Thanks for your help !

ohhhh, i see what u mean now… hmmm

edit: you want to *rightclick an entry in the content summary list and delete it…

  • I would also appreciate such a feature…

There might be a place in which we can delete the entry in the preferences files- but I dont know where…

Pls tell me when you find a solution=)

I’ll think about it :slight_smile:
And by the way. I still don’t know why, when I’m saving a track preset (for example) the Attribute Inspector doesn’t correspond to those I selected in the mediabay.
Why isn’t there some automatic tagging around some “project-related-tag”, like Name Song or Project Name…
That woud speed up the encoding, for sure.

:stuck_out_tongue: awww, thxxx=) :stuck_out_tongue:
Now see,

I have asked for a Track Manager in the wishes Forum…
This would be something like a media bay that would allow us to manage all projects on the HD…
name of track, project related files, moving of projects, deleting projects, importing files and tracks from other projects into current one etc…

-I am assuming that there is no auto tagging of files because if you have the same audio file in multiple projects, the metadata of the tag section would need to turn into a list and would grow ad infinitum… (like the subliminal background *hypnotic, *everything sounds so nice,*we are all connected frequency file I use in my tracks:P;))

p.s. the AI displays the TP’s correctly in my MB…

stay wonderful:P