cubase 7 midi grid problem

Midi and grid problem


I recently switched up from cubase 5 essential to cubase 7 elements.

My issue is when i am writing a simple 4/4 drum beat with the piano roll it dosen’t match up to the click. If i change the tempo in the session it goes haywire and snaps to the grid in very strange places. BUT if I use the GM drum map it just works fine, everything alignes on grid. But when i switch back to the piano roll its totally off. I am fine with the GM map on drums, but when I work on string sections and other stuff it makes everything harder to edit.

It works just fine in C5 essential with both gm map and piano roll.

Any suggestions?

What version and build of CE7 do you have installed (Help, About)? What operating system are you on?

Do you have Auto-Q turned on or off?

Version 7.0.7 build 64-bit OP is win 7-64.

No auto Q is on!

First, I would suggest turning off Auto Q so the notes drop to their natural location. Then I would suggest using the Quantize Panel to verify how you are applying the quantize.

He said it’s off.