Cubase 7 midi recording problem

I’ve got a Cubase 7 and M-Audio Axiom Pro, but can’t record midi. I can hear the instrument while monitoring and while recording (of course the track is set to record enabled), but there is no midi information recorded, only empty container. When I opened new template project, and tried to record midi in cycle, the midi data was recording, but wrong, like cycled back or with great delay or something.

My system is Windows 8, intel i7, 16GB RAM, M-Audio ProFire 610.

Emulated MIDI Ports

Thanks, but what can I do?

Enable and use the Emulated ports, see Knowledge Base.

Thanks! It Helped.

Sorry to rehash this topic after so long, but I just got an Axiom Pro 49 last night and was having this very same issue. I like that it has been answered, but I can’t find the solution in the Knowledge Base for some reason. Could somebody please link it or give a real quick run-down on how this is done?

Thanks very much!

EDIT: I’m using Cubase 7.05 on Win8 64bit btw.

“Beuller? Beuller? Beuller? …”

Anybody? I can only record MIDI when not using Hypercontrol at all, which is hardly the point. The knowledge base doesn’t show anything regarding “Emulated Ports” as far as I can tell.

Problem is really that I have a bit of a deadline looming and need to get this sorted like ASAP.

Thank you and cheers!

Found it…phew

The knowledge base search doesn’t work, by the way. I found this through a Google search, and it will probably work (have to wait a few hours to try it out). Anyway, I figured I’d drop this link here for others having similar issues both with no MIDI being recorded and the knowledge base search not working properly for them.