Cubase 7: Midi Timing Problems With External Synths

Hello All,

I am having a issue when I play a sequence. It will start playing fine, then I have some notes that totally drop out, then a few more play then some more drop out.

This will be kind of long, but I want to provide as many details as I can. I am sure that one or more of you out there will have the solution.

System specifics:

Macbook Pro, 16 gigs of RAM, 768 Gig Solid State Drive
Mac Moutain Lion OS 10.8.2
Cubase 7.0.1
Presonus Firestudio Project Interface (Firewire)
MOTU Micro Lite Midi Interface (5 Pin DIN for Midi in/out), USB from the interface to the Macbook Pro

Roland Integra-7 Synth Module
Arturia Laboratory 61 key controller

I also run the following soft synths: Spectrasonics “Omnisphere” and “Trilian”.

Cubase and the Midi sequencing I am doing is fine if I am using soft synths. No timing/dropped note issues.

Using External Midi (the Roland Integra-7) is not working out for me thus far when I hook it up old school (5 Pin Din in and out of the Midi Interface. When I plug in the Integra 7 to the Macbook Po directly via USB, the Midi works fine and I have no dropped notes or timing issues.

Here is how I have things hooked up when I use the Midi Interface:

Midi Input 1, I plug in the Arturia 61 Key controller
Midi Input and output 2, I plug in the Roland Integra-7 Synth module
The Midi Interface is hooked up to my Macbook Pro via USB

I have gone through the user manual including page 653 where it starts talking about “Project Synchonization”. I have tried various settings and nothing seems to work. I have tried various settings on the Roland Integra-7 as well and no luck. I even borrowed another interface and had the same problem.

Can anybody help me solve this? If you need more information then please ask. If you can do screenshots that would be cool too.

The reason why I went with a Midi interface is because I am going to be getting a Yamaha Motif XF6 and I will need to hook it up too.


Problem is Mac related. The Presonus kit requires System Timestamp and Motu requires Emulated MIDI ports, neither of which are available on Mac. The offset setting is the only route available.

Please excuse my ignorance, but when you say “The offset setting is the only route available”, do you mean sliding the midi track in time (offsetting the track)? It that is when you mean, the notes drop out intermittently so I need to figure out how to address that.

Ah, the MIDI is routed through the MOTU?

Yes that is correct the MIDI is routed through the MOTU.