Cubase 7 Mix console driving me nuts

This mixer issue is driving me bonkers. Channel and rack configurations show up correctly on mix console 3 but don’t show up on mix console 1. Also on mix console 1 are fader labels that are not visible because the mixer gets cut off. WTF is this still happening? Is this ever going to get fixed? :cry:

Anyone…Bueller? :unamused:
Mixer01_Is Screwed.jpg
Mixer3_Is Ok.jpg

A fix is coming I have been back and forth with one of their tech guys and they are aware of the mixer issues. It is one of the biggest bugs at the mo and will be fixed in the next update which is due anytime

Thank you for the info.

I have the same bug, Now with version 7.0.4, nothing solved!!

Yup its bizarre actually because I haven’t had any mixer problems previously (no issues with redraw/re-sizing or cut off mixer etc) but finally this time with the 7.0.4 update my luck ran out. Fortunately there is another mixer which works fine bonus but its a shame they still haven’t been able to get to the route of the problem! :open_mouth:

If you save your current config to an empty slot, the missing configs return. Have the same issue.

Me, too.
On the right side of the mixer the level meter is missing. I can only see the fader and somtimes one or two pixels of the level meter.

But are the 2nd and 3rd mixer ok? I mean, the show all the content, but isn’t the right margin to wide?

Yep. Still have this issue in 7.04.

yup here too.

Not sure if this is conclusive but this seems to be a problem that happens when you load a project file that was created/saved in an older version (like 5, 6, 6.5). I’ve been working with 7.0.4 since it came out, just working with projects created and saved in C7. But just now I loaded a client’s C5 artist file and the Mix Console is wacky. Resizing the console makes the faders go off the screen, leaving a black, blank area.

Can anyone else confirm this “older version” theory?

Just created a new empty project. After playing around a little bit, all the racks are vanished and I’m not able to get them back. (V7.0.4 64 bit on Windows 7)

Having the MC graphics problems mentioned for the first time with 7.04 even with new projects so it doesn’t seem to be just with older projects carried forward unfortunately, the whole scalable sizing just don’t work properly, Presonus has it down to a T but the current Steiny team responsible for the MC are way off the mark

I’ve posted on this subject before but a temporary solution is to either toggle the rack on and off, or go to the section where you can customise which MC elements are visible and turn then all off and back on again one at a time. That fixes it.

That doesn’t work for me in 7.0.4. No matter what I do to this window, it results in one of two states, the faders and all elements BUT the racks visible or the faders only partially visible and nothing else. In both states I’ve never been able to see the racks again.

As has been reported before by others, when I open a second mixer everything is fine with that one But the problem still remains with the original

I did find a fix ONCE when I had this problem in 7.0.3, perhaps it was the same one as chimpspanner (wish I had written it down) but his suggested fix is not working for me in 7.0.4.

I’m getting beta tester fatigue. I just need to get my work done.

I have experienced disappearing racks, faders that don’t re-size on all 3 mix consoles at different times randomly. The only temporary fix for me is to restart Cubase. :unamused:

So far the best solution I’ve found is to put a mix console in full screen mode and leave it alone. and hope it stays looking all pretty. Use “always on top” at your peril.

So this happened again today. Cubase 7.04

Now way to scroll to the the top of the faders. Can’t see the fader labels. Closing and opening the console is no solution. This is beyond silly.

Yeah, that’s the way it looks for me too. (dbombay1’s image)

I have had this happen to me many times. No clear answer on why.

Totally opposite experience here - the old projects open just fine, while new projects are getting their mixer messed up! :open_mouth:

Workaround: use Mixer2. I even changed the F3 key command since Mixer1 is totally unreliable.

here is my screen shoot. have the same issue 7.0.4
no improvement.jpg