Cubase 7 Mouse Wheel Inverted

Ever since I upgraded to Cubase 7 my mouse scroll wheel has been inverted and I can´t figure out how to get it back to normal? The scrolling is fine up and down. When I scroll down, the screen goes down. When I scroll up, the screen goes up.

But here´s the problem. My mouse scroll wheel has also left and right motion buttons. I use them a lot, but now when I push left, the screen goes right. When I push right, the screen goes left. :confused: It´s the other way round with Cubase 6 and previous versions. I still have few previous versions installed side by side and still use Cubase 6.5.5 mainly and this is one reason why.

I´ve searched the preferences and googled about this, but I can´t just find the answer to this problem. Hope you guys can help!


You haven’t provided much information on your system. Mac? PC? 3rd party software for your mouse? Does your mouse behave normally outside Cubase? All I can suggest now is to “re-tweak” your mouse controls either in the control panel/system preferences or in its own 3rd party software, restart and see what happens.

Good luck

I had a very similar problem. For me it turned out to be a setting in my Logitech control panel. I removed the Logitech software and reinstalled and all was good again.

Exactly my point. I use a Logitech mouse as well. Often a newer version of the control panel solves the problem.

Still no word on Licensetokills OS. But for you MacOS users, there is a setting in System Preferences that confuse a lot of people.

Open System Preferences and select “Mouse” (on the second row). Make sure that “Scroll direction: natural” is not checked (it is by default). Apple and I does definitely disagree on what is the “natural” behavior of the scroll wheel.

Good point. I use two different Logitech mice, one for Mac, one for PC. Never had a problem with PC mouse, but I wonder what Apple think when they decide to determine/dictate what “natural” should mean. :astonished:

but I wonder what Apple think when they decide to determine/dictate what “natural” should mean.

Keep in mind this is the mentality of a company that doggedly stuck to a one button mouse for years while other platform computer manufacturers intelligently offered at minimum, two.

And even when they finally went with multi-buttoning/scroll wheel functionality, they still pretty much look like one button mice. It’s as though a state of industrial design denial dictated the design. 3rd part manufacturers made a fortune replacing Apple mice for years and there are still quite a number of software developers producing mouse control apps to get around Apple’s limited feature set.

Apple’s mice and pref controls have been a sore point with me for years…just needed to rant a bit.

I ran into this same thing on my Mac Pro (with a Magic Mouse).

Changing the “Scroll direction” preference didn’t fix it- as far as I could tell it only happened in Cubase.
(I didn’t change any system preferences when upgrading to C7- and this didn’t happen with earlier versions)

I’ve recently switched over to using my MBP full time, so I never did figure out what the deal was.
It’s not an issue on this system.

Still haven´t solved this, it´s getting pretty annoying. :cry:

I´m on OS X, latest Mountain Lion. I´m using 3rd party driver called Steermouse, it´s great for Mac!

I have Cubase 6.5.5 and 7.0.7 installed next to each other. In C6.5 the sideways scrolling is OK (and all of my previous versions of Cubase), but in C7 it´s inverted. :imp: Inverting the Steermouse sideways scrolling directions (in the OS X preferences) doesn´t affect either of Cubases, so it must be a mistake in Cubase 7´s code or maybe there´s a preference tick box for mouse actions somewhere that I have no idea of…

Is there preferences for mouse actions in C7?

No, but there is in OSX:

All scrolling direction behavior is handled by the OS. Cubase has nothing what so ever to do with it. It would be a disaster if they did. Imagine Cubase counteracting a setting made in the OS. That would really cause confusion.

Well ticking the “Natural” does change the side scrolling to the right direction in C7, but it then changes the up/down scrolling to wrong direction. So it has to be a mistake in C7. Because in C4, C5, C6, C6.5 all the previous versions before it has been right.