Cubase 7, MR816x and Windows 8 64 bit

I have previously used Cubase 5 with my MR816x and Windows 7 64 bits, and everything worked just fine. Now I have a faster computer running Windows 8 64 bits and use a 2560 by 1600 monitor to be able to see more things simultaneously. I downloaded the trial version of Cubase 7 plus 7.0.3.

Everything seems to work according to the new (913 pages!) manual, with the graphics changing as they should on the screen, including the equalizer curves. However, the equalizers do not go into effect!

I have reduced the system to the bare minimum to try to isolate the problem. It contains just one stereo input and one stereo output on the MR816x, and one audio channel. (Audio 01)

  1. I can adjust and enable and disable the equalizers, causing them to show up in grey or green on the graphics, but the output signal from the MR816x does not change. (No change in the sound in the speakers.)

  2. The audio output level to the speakers is affected by the volume slider on each of the three channels. However, the signal on the output channel does not show any light blue bars! The level bars do show on the Input channel and the Audio channel, and are affected by the sliders.

  3. I have tried inserting an equalizer on each of the channels, but they have no effect. What am I, or Cubase 7, doing wrong?