Cubase 7 NI Komplete audio 6 Audio issue

Can anyone help with this problem (Which just started).
I am running Komplete Audio 6 through a windows PC and previously Cubase 6.5.
I haven’t had any issues at all.
Then yesterday I started to record some guitar audio with a miced amp.
The audio would record or look as if it was recording and then intermittently cut in and out. at times it wouldn’t play at all but hiss and crackle. I then tried guitar Rig 4 and that would record then drop in an out with static and clicks as well.
This is the first I have experienced this or any error at all.
I just upgraded to Cubase 7 this morning and the issue persists. I think it revolves around the kontakt komplete 6 audio device.
I double checked the bus settings in cubase. Tried some VST instruments too, they seemed fine. I checked the cords, everything was turned on, volumes were up, and nothing is muted.
I’m not sure what IU am missing but something is up.
Again this is the first time after countless audio recordings that I have encountered this issue

My Laptop is a Windows PC w/ 6gb RAM Intel i5CPU 2.53GHz 64-bit operating system

Any ideas?