Cubase 7 no 64Bit Modus under OSX Maverics


I have a problem to start cubase 7 in 64Bit mode.
If I open the context menu on
there is no checkbox to disable 32Bit mode.
Can anyone tell me what problem that is?
Excuse for my no so good english.

The checkbox is labelled “open in 32-bit mode”
When you open Cubase 7 info window, near the top is a “General” button. It should open to show you this box.



that is my problem. In the General section is no checkbox labelled “open in 32-bit mode”.
Only a Button in German “gesperrt” to disable the start of the Application.


I hope you switched to Mac very very recently…

anyway, open Finder > Go > Applications (or Shift + CMD + A), select the Cubase icon, press CMD + I and uncheck “open in 32-bit mode”

Thanks for you help.
But the problem is the useraccount.
I have created a new user on the MAC. With this user its no problem. The checkbox is for this user visible.
Now I will search for a solution for the old useraccount.