Cubase 7 no longer usable?

Hi guys,

I’ve been using Cubase 7 forever because I’m familiar with it. I upgraded from Cubase 6 at some point around 2015, though my elicencer NEVER showed 7, but this has never been an issue… until now.

Recently I upgraded my video card and of course broke elicencser. The program (Cubase) wont launch unless I completely reinstall elicenser, or some other combo of maintenance tasks and whatnot. Its a crapshoot whether or not cubase will launch. I’m tired of reinstalling elicenser just to launch a program I’ve had for years.

Tonight i finally just uninstalled and reinstalled all the Steinberg programs and elicencer on my PC. I should also mention that I SEPARATELY bought Cubase 11 at some point but DIDNT USE IT BECAUSE IT DOESNT SUPPORT 32 BIT VST’s, of which i have a library. This works fine and also worked fine before the video card replacement. So cubase 11 works, but 7 is fubar. I’m not sure if this product is launchable anymore?

Any help appreciated.


Can’t really help you with your C7 trouble (maybe you could provide a bit more information, like what OS and version, what’s the exact error message etc, are you running Cubase in 32bit…)?
But there are two other options I could suggest:
Have you tried installing Cubase 8.5? That was the last version to support 32bit plugins, iirc. If you have a license for C11, you can use that, too.
Or you could try using JBridge for your 32bit plugins in C11. While I never have used it myself (I ditched all 32bit plugins when it was foreseeable that 32bit was on its way out), it is supposed to actually be better (more stable and compatible) than Cubase’s own bit bridge.

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Jbridge works fine for me on Cubase 11. I only use it for one plugin though which is virtual guitar 2.

Thanks for the help guys. I guess I’ll start with JBridge, and if that doesnt work out, I will try out 8.5.

BTW, running Win10 Home 64bit. I was running cubase 7 in 32 bit, going to try D/L’ing the 64 bit version for posterity.