Cubase 7 Noise problems

I started getting this nasty noise problem after windows 10 did some updates and I can’t figure out how to get rid of it. It sounds like a weird buzzing while recording on my guitar. Its super bad and is just as loud as my guitar. I am using VST amp simulator but it still does it with out effects on. I have tried using both an interface and my onboard sound card and both have the problem. If I just record in audacity or another DAW, the noise is not there. I did try updating my audio drivers and it made it a little better but still does it. I have also tried running cubase without VST and didn’t fix it either. Tried adjusting the buffer and even reinstalling Cubase. I am so frustrated I feel like switching to a different DAW. Anyone have any ideas? I can upload a sample later too.

Try completely uninstalling your ASIO drivers, restart your computer, then install the latest ones.