Cubase 7 not recognizing recording interface

Maybe I’m missing something obvious, but my Cubase 7 won’t recognize my recording interface. When I click on VST Connections, it shows only the built-in audio as an option for both input and output.

I’m working on an iMac, Maverick, and the computer specs appear to be in order. Currently I’m using the Presonus AudioBox 1818VSL as my interface.

I started the recording process with an older interface, the Presonus Firepod, which is discontinued. Cubase 7 recognized it as an input and output, and I was able to record with it for about a month. I moved my equipment to another room, set up, and recorded another song, and when I moved back to my original location, Cubase would no longer recognize the Firepod, but it worked as my default output with my monitors for all of my other computer applications.

After fruitlessly searching for solutions with Steinberg/ Presonus involving drivers, etc., I decided to purchase the AudioBox today, and the problem persists. Cubase does not recognize it. As before, the interface is synced with my computer and can be used in all other programs.

Any ideas?


Go to device setup > VST Audio System and make sure the ASIO driver of you audio interface is selected. Then check VST Connections again.

Good luck.

Thank you, that did it!