Cubase 7 now qualified from UAD 7.3

And API strip channel…

Aloha s,
and thanks for sharing.

7.3 is not available on the uad website… wonder what happened!

I’v downloaded it yesterday. It’s working.

Wow. Now it’s not avialable. What happened ???

Likely it broke something else.

im glad ive stayed on 6.4 . no issues here

Hi downloaded yesterday and had problems with some of my bought plugins saying disabled. may it was that?

All you need to do is completely remove the previous version, drivers, temp files, registry entries; everything and then install the new version.

Please try and report back.

no thanks

The new update has some glitches here and there when changing notes in selected MIDI parts but you got to go with the flow and test this stuff otherwise it may never improve in the way you need it.

yes thats great i’ll just leave my very stable 6.4 to move to a buggy 7.3 just because you want me to shall I ? is there anything else you would like to screw up in my DAW ?

No but I will say, thanks for choosing Cubase!

Changing notes???

Yes, changing the selected note with the mouse and sometimes changing parts can cause a brief audio glitch.

This can happen any time a hardware or software change takes place.

Sometimes I get a glitch if I save a project during playback but this normally stops after the OS re-factors the change(s).