Cubase 7 & Nuage? Clarification Request

When I purchased the update for Cubase version 7 I recall seeing that Nuage was supported yet in reading the Nuage information pdfs on the Yamaha site, mention of Cubase 7 working with Nuage is suspiciously absent. Will Cubase 7 work with Nuage???

Edit: Never mind - Scoured the C7 Product Info and found this:
“Needless to say, Cubase can be fully controlled via the elegant and technological thought-after surface of the Nuage controller hardware.”

And this in one of the Nuage Operations Manuals pdf download files available at the Yamaha site:
“In addition to Nuendo and Cubase, Nuage Fader and
Nuage Master devices can also be used to control Pro
Tools (Mac only; basic functions only).”