Cubase 7 on Mac?


How is Cubase 7 performing on OSX now? Has it improved a lot?

Is it on pair with Logic on OSX?

How is it now on OSX compared with Windows?



Aloha R,

C7 is rerforming great so far (see sig) and has IMHO REALLY improved.
Slight cpu hit when compared to C6.5.

HTH (hope this helps)

Ugh. Why does this ALWAYS seem to be the case with Steinberg upgrades on the mac platform? A Major reason I didn’t upgrade from SX 2.0 until this summer was the cumulative CPU tax from upgrade-to-upgrade users constantly complained about.

On the PC side, users are reporting even performance or less of a hit from 6.5 (see my thread on CPU usage below).

Almost flawless here.

Yeah, Cubase has always been pretty stable for me too. However, I’m talking about the CPU usage increase.

ie: Take a 6.5 project and open it in C7. Compare the CPU meter for each version and report back, please. (And what Mac are you running on too)


@ jpgtr. What gear are you running?

I did. The project was started in C7.
In C6 the cpu usage went up from 255% to 265%
The numper of threads used went down from 121 to 96.
The RAM usage went down from 1.25 gig to 1.0.

So C7 uses a little less CPU. Is better at hyper threading. And uses a little more RAM.

And btw - C7 is rock solid. The new mixer is great.

Mac Pro. 3.33 hex-core. (w/Cubase version 6.0)

But my question was not about if my mac can handle C7, but if Cubase will finally buck it’s trend of bumping up CPU usage 10% or more with each update (for mac users), even if you don’t use new VI or features.

Thanks for the report, Pete! Good to hear you’re seeing more efficient usage on your mac. Hope that’s the case for everyone! (wasn’t aware you could open C7 projects in C6, either)

I now understand. A Mac cpuage thang.

You posted:

Ugh. Why does this ALWAYS seem to be the case with Steinberg upgrades on the mac platform?

IMHO jpgtr this trend will probably continue.

Especially because for the 1st time (that I can remember)
Steinberg is actually recommending a specific model of
hardware/computer on which to use Cubase.

And it ain’t a Mac!!! It’s an HP.

And here is what gets a lil weird for me.
I am seriously looking at going that direction when I get my next 'puter.

My reasoning is:
Since Cubase is the only programme on my Mac (I use no others)
and if I sit at an HP P.C. box and Cubase looks and acts the same or better,
why not have the stability and efficiency recommended by the developers?

Makes sense to me to use the same machine on which Cubase 7 was developed.

I’m keeping an open mind on this.

Well, we don’t really know the inside scoop on that one. Kinda smells more along the lines of a paid-sponsorship thing than a performance guarantee.

Anyway, signs seem to point that the mac code “under the hood” may have gotten some love this time around… Jury’s still out…