Cubase 7 on more than one computer?

Today I bought a Retail copy of Cubase 7 on my local distribuitor
And as I came home I started to wonder if is it possible install this software in both my iMac (Studio computer) and
my MacBook (Live recording computer) using the same license… so I started to search any information about it but I couldn’t find anything so I decided
to write this on the forum :slight_smile:

The question is…
Is it possible to install Cubase 7 on more than one computer using the same license?

Thanks in advantage and have a nice day :slight_smile:
Sorry if my english is dull… Haven’t been practicing it for a while :blush:

It is possible, you just cannot run Cubase at the same time, on both computers.

That’s great news for me :smiley:!
Thanks a lot :slight_smile:!!

I guess to made it work I’ll need to change my eLicenser from one computer to another depending on which computer I’ll be using… right?

Yep, just don’t take it out of the computer while running Cubase, or Cubase will have a nervous breakdown. :wink:

Thanks a lot for your help :smiley:!!!

No worries, mate. :slight_smile:

Yes a nervous breakdown on a PC but on a MAC it will politely ask you to please but it back and continue working with cubase without a crash :unamused: