Cubase 7: Only noise, but clear soundwaves show

Playing back my recording, I hear only noise (cracks, popping, “shhhhhhshsh”). Every other recording becomes like this for the full duration being either clear or noisy.

I thought my microphone was the issue, but then when I open the recorded events, I see clearly the waveforms to be expected from my recording.
I recorded in lanes, and playing back in loop (transport cycle), I get different sounds every time! Some times I even hear small pieces of the actual recording as they are supposed to be.

I find this very strange, because that sounds like a hardware failure, but this is a recorded event that should not sustain any changes from cycle!
I have tried restarting Cubase, deleting the project and making new recordings, but it’s all the same. Every now and then I get a normal recording, and then back to this.

One place to look would be your monitor or headphone connections. Make sure they are tight and not somehow shorting or becoming loose.

Regards :sunglasses: