Cubase 7 over Pro Tools forever!!!

Hey People checkout these 4 four tunes i did on Cubase 7 (with a little synth help from arturia and Native)

also on iTunes

thanks for listening

I checked out I Wish This Night… I think at 1:oo you have some vocal intonation issues and a clash with the chording on top of that. I felt like you were onto something here ,like an 80’s vibe that I liked. I’m typing as the song plays…overall the vocal issues should be looked at.

You got a particular style goin on which is 80’s sounding (not a bad thing) some interesting music, very commercial sounding, agree with the issues Mr M mentioned but, hey…we’re all learning aren’t we… Kevin

Mr M , Shadowfax, thanks so much for taking the time - appreciate the feedback - and yes, the vocals on that track need to be redone…i couldnt agree more- its been annoying me LOL

The bigger issue is the correct harmony, how the notes stack up vertically. I know the chord progression, but the notes just aren’t correct. I can say that they aren’t correct and that it isn’t down to interpretation because you have enough of the notes/progression horizontally there to know what the progression is. And it’s actually probably going to drive me crazy trying to remember which popular song it is that it reminds me of. Keep at it though, practice, practice, practice. :smiley: