Cubase 7 & Padshop Pro/Retrologue.. skipping first note on M

Hey peeps!

Wondering if anyone else is experiancing strange things like…

Padshop Pro’s/Retrologue’s first note will not sound. Actually, I think it does sound, but cuts off immediately (i can hear slight fx faintly). the only way to play the first note on my midi part, is to let it loop around, or press play then (.) (decimal) so it jumps back to left locator (start).

I can go in the key editor, edit/move the note, then move it back, and it will play normally for a few stop/plays. then it skips the note again.

Multiple projects are affected by this (i believe all of em).

While this isnt a huge problem, its very irritating and id like to find a solution.

Im running 7.0.5 (it was the same for 7.0.4), on a 2012 macbook pro running Mountain Lion 10.8.4. Padshop Pro is at 1.1.0., so is Retrologue (obviously).

It worked perfectly in 6.5+

everything is 64bit.

Everytime you make a clean series of midi notes on a bar, the 1st note will cut off, or is it just some existing projects where you have a faulty 1st note?

Do you have any midi controller instructions running? Are you quantized? How are your buffers? What is the size of audio import in Padshop, if applicable? Is there a difference between drawing the note and playing thru a controller? Do you have tempo track?

Those probably don’t apply, since your problem is only Steinberg synths, but just trying to think of any reason why that should happen. Controller messages at the start or tail of event can cause some issue…

Hello mpayne0!

Thank you for your reply. Forunately, I posted this issue in Cubase 7 and someone mentioned ASIO Guard having issues. They recommended disabling it per track, however that didnt work. I had to disable ASIO Guard globally, then all played well. :slight_smile:

So, ASIO Guard was actually causing the dropout, when its supposed to protect from droppouts…silly, but I digress.

Anyway, thanks for trying to help! I forgot I had this thread open, otherwise I would have closed/deleted it.