Cubase 7 plays audio that isn't actually there

Hello, I am hoping someone can help me.

I am using Cubase 7 on my PC installed as 32-bit version, with Windows 10, and a U-Phoria UMC204HD audio interface.

A new problem has arisen recently, which wasn’t there before. What happens is:

  • I click ‘play’ to listen back to recorded audio
  • The marker moves across the screen and approaches the start of the wav files in the project
  • A split-second before the marker reaches the wav file, Cubase plays a small fragment of the audio in advance, even though there is no audio in that location in the project
  • The marker then hits the wav files and the audio plays normally

I wouldn’t be too concerned about this, but these odd fragments of audio also appear on mix-down, when I export the audio, which as you can imagine, is no good at all.

Please can I ask for some suggestions…?

I know that behaviour.
Do you use HALion/-Sonic/-Sonic SE in your project?
Do you use any included delay plugins?

Check the visibility of your tracks - you might have a fragment on a track that’s hidden. Lanes too.

Hey - thank you for the replies.

After checking, there are no audio fragments, I’m pretty meticulous in the respect.

But YES Timo, I do use a delay plug-in on the lead vocal. Don’t use HALion though, but do use a couple of other VST instruments.

But yes on the delay. Any ideas?

…don’t suppose anyone can offer any advise on this…?