Cubase 7 prepare for archive/backup and files still missing

Very odd problem , two projects created in cubase 5 - when i “prepare for archive” and then " backup project "
without fail one track always comes up as " missing audio files " ** the files ARE there but must manually click each individual one as " find missing files " does not see them.
I have made sure the always missing track that audio files are missing from is not frozen , it plays back fine / prepare for archive ( says external audio files will be moved into folder etc) then backup project . and every time, it does not save or see these audio files .
Thankfully just two projects exhibit this behavior , but i can’t figure out how to make it do a REAL archive backup .
Anyone experienced this and know workaround ?

This occasionally happens here as well.

When everything’s playing back fine as you say, no problem. Simply highlight & bounce/replace. Keep in mind that all realtime processing (VariAudio, fades, volumes, offline fx) are definately applied.

Tricky sometimes when files just seem to be lost (i.e. you’ve renamed an event in the infoline, former versions of the project will not recognize them anymore).

Bad when the files are really lost (very old projects sometimes reference files on previous, maybe broken HDDs) - not much you can do. It’s not so bad being a little finicky in file/folder organization from the very beginning. One of my favourite mistakes is to not tick ‘project audio folder’ as location when exporting/re-importing files from/into a project. The problem might not be visible until I rename or remove that certain folder :neutral_face:

Thanks for reply , what i can’t get around is why when i /prepare archive /do project backup /
and I can actually can see the mischievous files IN the audio folder, when i move folder to new backup drive the project will say " files missing". Every time!
Doing search to the projects audio folder where they are ( i can see them ) leads to a " no files found "
The only way is to navigate to original drive folders, then save.
I was just trying to figure out a way to blow away whatever corrupt file path in project file ( or however that works )
to do it.
I am very happy it’s just two projects or id be so hosed!
thanks again for help :slight_smile:

I face such anomalies rarely but they happen - a bit obscure and scary, ain’t it? Can’t really blame Cubase, guess such mistakes happen in my head. Either by unconsciously renaming/moving files or by just-not-understanding how that bit of ‘backup project’ really works :laughing:

There are many ways to mess up with files, here’s another one: Steinberg Forums