Cubase 7 problem with Casio usb MIDI


I have a problem with cubase 7, i have a casio ctk-4400 keyboard with usb midi and i’m trying to make it work in cubase but i can’t.
My computer has succesfully reconized the usb driver and if i open massive i can play all the synth, but for some reason cubase doesn’t reconize my keyboard, i’ve tried everything, but cubase still not reconize the midi usb keyboard.

Hope you can help me(sorry for my bad english, i’m from south america)


Have you made sure that your USB connected keyboard was plugged in and recognized by your PC BEFORE starting Cubase? Also, if you plan to use any VST instument software for the sounds you will have to turn on the “local” function for your keyboard. Refer to your keyboard manual page EN-61 for instructions in english.

Regards :sunglasses: